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India's No.1 & Trusted Online Luxury Destination

Founded in 2022, VOID LUXE is today recognised as a game changer in the Indian Luxury industry and playing a significant role in shaping the future of India's upscale lifestyle goods industry.

VOID'S LUXE is trusted by millions of high spenders in india and clocks higher average sales per order. Alexa, an Amazon digital traffic monitoring company , consistently ranks void luxe at the top of the traffic charts amongst all upscale fashion platform in india

VOID LUXE  provides our customers a wide selection of authentic upscale products new & certified pre-owned branded products, covering over 500 indian and global luxury brands - the largest platform in india in its category

Brand new products are sourced from void luxe trusted global sourcing and supply chain network of leading luxury fashion boutiques across the world

Supported by our proprietary databased of upscale branded products, our authentication procedures 

VOIDLUXE is India’s go-to destination and
trusted online platform for upscale lifestyle products.

Founding Vision


Founded in JUNE 2022, with the vision of making luxury accessible and affordable, void luxe is conceptualized by a dedicated team of experienced professionals who believe that "luxury is timeless" and that every luxury piece, whether newly obtained or savoured for long, is a valuable investment.


The founder comes with a deep experience of decoding consumer insights, taking luxury brands online and have successfully built and scaled e-commerce companies in the past.

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