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Esmeralda Multi-Coloured Statement Drop Earrings Gold

Esmeralda Multi-Coloured Statement Drop Earrings Gold

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Introduce glamour and colour to your life with Esmeralda Multi-Coloured Statement Drop Earrings Gold!

These stunning statement earrings offer a unique style, each earring features two organic shaped discs of differing sizes. At the top of the earring there is a small disc complete with a stud post back. The larger disc is suspended from this using a small metallic link, to allow for natural movement of the earrings when worn. For added detail the larger disc has an open centre. To complete the look these earrings are adorned with an array of colourful zirconia set in a rainbow effect. These are a chunky yet lightweight design that reflects the latest fashion trends. 

Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, these statement earrings have been dipped in 22ct gold for a luxurious finish. If you are looking for a gift for a special someone, or just a little something for yourself to add that extra pop of colour and sparkle to any outfit, then the Esmeralda Multi-Coloured Statement Drop Earrings Gold are perfect!

These glamorous and eye-catching earrings come with dimensions of 26.8 grams (weight), 6.1cm length, and 3.8cm width - everything you need to make sure your style stands out at any occasion!

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