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Lotus Flower Tassel Statement Necklace Iolite Blue Gold

Lotus Flower Tassel Statement Necklace Iolite Blue Gold

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Make a statement with this magnificent Lotus Flower Tassel Statement Necklace! Handcrafted with love and care from 925 sterling silver dipped in 22ct gold, this gorgeous floral inspired statement necklace was made for those who want to be noticed. Numerous threaded strands of lab-created Iolite gems are the mainstay of this necklace creating a truly exquisite look. A majestic Lotus flower adorned with cubic zirconia is situated at the bottom of this necklace with an exquisite tassel of gemstones streaming from it. Each thread of beads on the tassel is tipped with a gleaming metallic bead, adding to its elegance.

The Iolite (or water Sapphire) joins the list of birthstones for those lucky enough to be born in September. It's believed that wearing Iolite gemstones can bring mental clarity, increase intuition and help you find balance in life. Iolite is also thought to be a great healing stone, providing emotional strength and overcoming any challenges that may come your way.

This breathtakingly stunning statement piece has an 84cm length with an extra 5cm chain adjuster so you can get the best fit for your style, plus an additional 15cm length from the dazzling tassel gives you even more glamour. And at only 110 grams it won't weigh you down – perfect for those days when you want to put together an effortless yet beautiful look without sacrificing comfort.

So don't wait, pick up this unique piece today and let everyone know who's the trendiest one in town!

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