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Peacock Feather Elongated Drop Earrings Green Cz

Peacock Feather Elongated Drop Earrings Green Cz

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Introducing the Peacock Feather Elongated Drop Earrings - an exquisite statement of fashion and style sure to dazzle. Each featuring a stunning peacock feather design, lovingly fashioned from 925 sterling silver dipped in 22ct gold. Spectacular sparkles come courtesy of rows of beautifully set micro pave green zircons, with larger cubic zirconia decorating the feather's spine and a teardrop-shaped crystal bringing it all together as the eye. Plus, these earrings have an easy-to-use butterfly fastening, so you can slip them on or off in just seconds.

Peacocks have long been associated with beauty and elegance, making them a popular choice for jewellery design. Peacock-inspired pieces are often used to symbolize good luck, prosperity, and joy. The intricate patterns of their feathers also represent wisdom and knowledge.

At 6.5cm in length and 1.8cm wide, plus weighing only 16.6 grams, these feathery beauties are light enough for wearing all day long with ease. Whether you want to flaunt your wilder side or just make a subtle sartorial statement, the Peacock Feather Earrings are definitely for you!

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