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Porcelain Snowdrop Flower Tassel Earrings

Porcelain Snowdrop Flower Tassel Earrings

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In the early spring, these small white snowdrops come up from the ground, excited to share the new season with you. They like facing down and showing you their charming curvy petals. Every porcelain snowdrop is handmade in unique shape. No two petals are exactly the same.



  • Handmade porcelain snowdrops
  • Gold-filled long earring hooks
  • Gold-filled tassels
  • Gold-filled beads and wires
  • Gold-plated brass filigree
  • Swarovski beads



  • Earring length: approx 95mm (includes earring hook)
  • Earring width: approx 30mm



  • White, gold



  • 13g


Handmade in Denmark.

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